10 Best Hairstyles For Heart-shaped Faces

Long Piecey Bangs: Long piecey bangs are an excellent choice for heart-shaped faces as they soften the face shape and create a flirty, pretty appearance.

Long Side-Swept BangsFor a variation on long piecey bangs, try combing them to the side to accentuate your face shape and add interest to your hairstyle.

Blunt Bangs: Blunt bangs can be daring but beautiful for heart-shaped faces, just ensure they're kept at brow length to avoid an unbalanced look.

Bangs With Straight HairBangs paired with straight hair bring focus to the eyes and allow for playing with length to highlight cheekbones, creating a trendy look.

Deep Side Part: Opting for a deep side part can help accentuate cheekbones and divert attention away from the chin, giving a chiseled appearance without needing a haircut change.

Piecey Pixie: A piecey pixie cut emphasizes bone structure and works well with heart-shaped faces, especially when styled with hair putty for shape and definition.

Shoulder-Grazing Lob:  A shoulder-grazing lob acts as a curtain framing the face, softening the jawline while still showcasing the face shape.

Wavy Lob: Consider a wavy lob hairstyle with a middle part for a delicate framing of the face, adding a trendy touch to your look.

Choppy Bob: The choppy bob is a timeless style that highlights cheekbones and frames the face beautifully, perfect for heart-shaped faces when styled with a touch of hair mousse.

Classic Bob: A classic bob ending at the chin draws attention to the center of the face, and incorporating fringe can enhance the overall look.