10 Breathtaking Photos of the Natural World

"This is Cheia, the road that takes you to Transylvania. Yes, that Transylvania, the birthplace of the legendary Count Dracula (Vlad Tepes). The legend says that this shot is what he might have seen on his nocturnal flights! Nevertheless, it's a breathtaking view of a magnificent road.

"The afternoon light couldn't have been more perfect as I quietly sat and watched this crocodile survey his dinner. The patterns the reflections made in the afternoon sun were stunning and the moment was so tranquil.

Since ancient times, the Nenets have led a nomadic life, engaged in deer farming and traveling the vast tundra. Reindeer harnessed to a sled is the most reliable form of transport on the tundra. The Nenets wander in harsh weather conditions for eight months of the year.

"Each year between the months of December and March, northern California becomes the winter home to thousands of migratory birds—geese, egrets, ducks, herons, and others.

"A man rides in a boat across the Baral river during the winter. In the winter months, the river moss is more visible than in any other season.

"It had been two years since I had been home to visit my family. I turned the trip into a photography vacation as well. One evening, I ventured into the sand dunes just south of Pismo Beach, California. I found this perfectly shaped sand dune with no footprints."

"I was cruising in a zodiac along the Antarctic Peninsula when we encountered this Adelie penguin walking up a steep iceberg. I quickly composed the photo as we approached the iceberg before veering off past the penguin."

"At Nakuru Lake, we had to stop our vehicle when a family of baboons was sitting in the middle of the road. I noticed one of the baboons was not moving and was giving her back to us. After getting closer, we noticed that she was holding her baby and was trying to protect it from us."

"A wildebeest runs in the Ndutu plains located in the southern Serengeti during the migration. A slow shutter speed was used to create a 'prehistoric painting' of these wonderful animals."

"As the sun set in Jardines de la Reina, golden sun rays pierced through the surface of the water. It painted a spectacular backdrop for the pelagic silky sharks that came out to hunt. I was under a lot of pressure to take the shots."