8 Must-Try Push-Up Variations for Building Your Entire Body

Incline Push-Up: Incline push-ups target the chest as the primary muscle group, with abs, shoulders, and triceps as secondary muscle groups. They reduce stress on the wrists, forearms, and shoulders compared to conventional push-ups.

Decline Push-Up: Decline push-ups elevate your feet, challenging your push-up game by increasing the load on your pecs and activating them differently. This variation also develops strong scapular and shoulder girdle strength.

Dive Bomber Push-Ups: Dive bomber push-ups are a unique variation that strengthens the shoulders with a swooping motion. They also provide a great workout for the chest and core. Start in a push-up position with your feet hip-width apart.

Diamond Push-Up: Diamond push-ups target the triceps intensely while engaging the chest and shoulders. They require more effort than regular push-ups but provide a full-body cardio session.

Clap Push-Up: Clap push-ups target the chest, shoulders, and triceps while strengthening the shoulder joint and building power for pushing and pulling tasks. Start in a traditional push-up position, push yourself down toward the floor.

Alternating Medicine Ball Push-Up: Alternating medicine ball push-ups engage the shoulders and chest with a greater range of motion while activating one side of the core for stability. Start in a standard push-up position but keep one hand on a medicine ball.

Swiss Ball Push-Up: Swiss ball push-ups test balance and stability while engaging the core. Instead of a flat surface, you must control a bouncing object, which increases the challenge. Start in a push-up position with your hands on the sides of a Swiss ball.

Weighted Push-Up: Weighted push-ups increase the intensity of standard push-ups to build muscle in the arms, chest, and core. You can safely increase the challenge by wearing a weighted vest or placing a weight plate on your lower back.