8 Once Common Foods That No One Eats Anymore


Sunny Delight: Once-popular citrus-flavored drink Sunny D faced downfall due to health concerns and misleading advertising campaigns.


Crisco: Once a kitchen staple, Crisco lost favor due to revelations about its unhealthy trans fat content and changing dietary preferences.


Pudding Pops: Despite initial success and celebrity endorsements, Pudding Pops vanished due to production costs, rebranding issues, and changing consumer tastes.


Candy cigarettes: Once marketed to children, candy cigarettes fell out of favor as awareness of smoking dangers grew and societal attitudes shifted.


Cottage cheese: Once a dietary staple, cottage cheese declined in popularity compared to yogurt due to taste and consistency issues, as well as the availability of alternative dairy products.


TV dinners: Although revolutionary in their convenience, TV dinners faced declining sales as fresh food gained preference and consumer lifestyles evolved.


Congealed salads: Once a cherished dish, congealed salads declined in popularity due to time-consuming preparation methods, changing culinary trends, and health considerations.


Orange juice: Despite long-standing popularity as a breakfast staple, orange juice sales dropped due to price increases, health concerns regarding sugar content, and changing breakfast habits.