8 Plants That Slugs Love to Eat (and How to Keep Them Off)

Lettuce: Slugs are particularly fond of lettuce leaves, making them a common target in gardens.

Hostas: These leafy plants are a favorite snack for slugs, often showing signs of damage from their feeding.

Strawberries: Slugs are known to feast on ripe strawberries, often leaving behind telltale slime trails.

Cabbage: Slugs are attracted to the tender leaves of cabbage plants, which can suffer extensive damage if not protected.

Basil: Slugs are known to enjoy the tender leaves of basil plants, making them a target for these pests.

Lupins: Slugs are particularly fond of the young shoots and leaves of lupin plants, which can be devastated by their feeding.

Natural Predators: Encourage natural slug predators such as birds, frogs, and toads to help keep slug populations in check.

Copper Tape or Barriers: Slugs are repelled by copper, so placing copper tape or barriers around plants can help deter them.

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