8 Retro Food Brands You'll Only Find In Australia

Arnott's: Known for iconic biscuits like Tim Tams and Shapes, Arnott's is a staple in Australian households, offering a wide range of sweet and savory treats.

Vegemite: A quintessential Aussie spread made from yeast extract, Vegemite has a unique salty flavor beloved by many Australians.

Violet Crumble: A crunchy honeycomb bar coated in chocolate, Violet Crumble is a nostalgic favorite that's been satisfying Aussie sweet tooths for generations.

Aeroplane Jelly: A beloved dessert staple, Aeroplane Jelly offers a variety of jelly flavors perfect for making wobbly treats that kids and adults alike adore.

Cherry Ripe: A cherry and coconut-filled chocolate bar, Cherry Ripe is a classic Aussie confectionery that's been delighting taste buds since 1924.

Golden Gaytime: A toffee and vanilla ice cream bar coated in chocolate and biscuit crumbs, Golden Gaytime is an Aussie icon synonymous with summer and indulgence.

Uncle Tobys: Famous for their oats and muesli bars, Uncle Tobys provides Australians with wholesome breakfast options and convenient snacks for on-the-go.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks: Producing a range of traditional brewed beverages like ginger beer and sarsaparilla, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks offers a taste of Australian nostalgia in every sip.

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