8 Super Quick & Easy 2-Minute Hairstyles

Half Updo Bun: Create a chic half updo bun by gathering a section of hair and securing it into a ponytail, then wrapping it into a bun and securing with bobby pins.

Reverse Dutch Side Braid: Achieve an elegant look with a reverse Dutch side braid, braiding a section of hair towards the face and securing at the end for added volume.

Dutch Side Braid Ponytail: Transition from a reverse side Dutch braid to a low ponytail, pulling all the hair to one side for a tousled finish.

Fishtail Pigtails: Divide your hair into two sections, fishtail braid each section, and fan out the braids for a fuller look.

Three-Strand Braid Pigtails: Opt for a classic style with three-strand braid pigtails, securing each braid at the bottom and fanning them out for volume.

Three-Strand Braid High Ponytail: Elevate your look with a three-strand braid high ponytail, fanning out the braid and pulling out face-framing pieces for a natural appearance.

Three-Strand Braid Bun: Transform a high ponytail into a bun by braiding the ponytail and wrapping it around, securing with bobby pins for a casual vibe.

Twist-Through Ponytail Braid: Create a unique twist-through ponytail braid by adding elastics along the ponytail and looping sections of hair through them, securing at the bottom.