9 Chic French Hairstyles That Are Universally Loved

Extra-Short Bob: Embrace effortless French style with a chic, hyper-short bob that exudes Parisian charm and requires minimal styling time, recommends stylist Bourquin.

Ear-Skimming Bob: Achieve a timeless look with a French-inspired bob that grazes the ears, suitable for all hair types and textures, suggests stylist Elaine.

Mid-Length Bob with Bangs: Opt for a neck-length bob with bangs for a perfectly undone French vibe, advises stylist Chelsea Wolberg, emphasizing the importance of working with natural hair texture.

Soft Shoulder-Length Layers: Emulate French influencer Emanuelle Kofi's soft and elegant shoulder-length cut, featuring face-framing layers for effortless movement,

French Shag: Stay on-trend with a textured shag, blending the romantic ‘70s aesthetic with classic French style, suggests stylist Skip Fellers, emphasizing minimal effort for maximum effect.

Carved Banged Bob: Channel peak French sophistication with a meticulously carved chin-length bob, adorned with split bangs for a simple yet stunning look, advises stylist Vanessa Jenners.

Face-Framing Bob: Get voluminous chic with a standout bob that frames the face, like French YouTuber Lena Mahfouf's signature style, embracing natural face shape and hair texture.

Blunt Shoulder-Length Cut: Opt for a simple and versatile shoulder-length blunt cut, perfect for accessorizing and adding flair, as seen on French influencer Marielle Haon.

Choppy Pixie: Embrace confidence and ease with a soft French pixie cut, capturing the essence of French femininity with subtle movement and minimal styling, suggests stylist Kattia Solano.