9 Low-Maintenance Pets That Can Be Easy to Care For

Hamster: Hamsters are ideal first pets for children! Once you've set up their home with essentials like a water bottle, food bowl, and hamster wheel for exercise, they're easy to care for.

Betta Fish: Freshwater fish, like Betta Fish, are simpler to maintain than saltwater fish. Male Bettas should be housed individually in a gallon of water with space at the top for breathing.

Guinea Pig: Social and interactive, guinea pigs thrive on daily interaction and often do well with other guinea pigs. They're low-maintenance in terms of grooming and require basics like a cage

Chinchilla: Gentle and hypoallergenic, chinchillas are low-maintenance pets despite their social nature. They require a well-ventilated cage, hiding boxes, toys, and special chinchilla food.

Turtle: With various species available, turtles require different levels of care. Painted Turtles, for example, can thrive in a terrarium and need to be fed a few times a week.

Snake: Despite their intimidating appearance, snakes are easy to care for with a properly sized tank, adequate temperature, and regular feeding of preferred meals like mice or rats.

Leopard Gecko: Beginner-friendly, leopard geckos thrive in 15- to 20-gallon tanks with cleaning required. They feed on crickets, waxworms,, and adults don't need to be fed every day.

Bird: Colorful birds can be low-maintenance pets, depending on the species. Ensure their cage is spacious enough and provide a varied diet including seeds, nuts, pellets, veggies, and fruit.

Hermit Crab: These low-key pets thrive in a humid terrarium with warm temperatures and a saltwater dish for soaking. They also need empty shells to inhabit and feed slowly on pellet food.