Android 15 Beta 2 Brings Exciting Upgrades: Explore now

Enhanced Haptic Feedback

Adjusting volume using the slider now includes haptic feedback for a tactile experience.

Storage Reorganization

'System' split into 'Android' and 'Temporary system files' for better clarity in storage settings.

Save App Pair on Phones

Previously exclusive to tablets and foldables, this multitasking feature is now available on smaller screens.

Adaptive Vibration

Introduces customizable vibration patterns for different notifications.

Bluetooth Auto-Enable

Automatically turns Bluetooth on daily to support the Find My Device network.

Redesigned Authentication Panel

A taller panel with the app icon for a more streamlined authentication process.

Private Space

New secure area in the app drawer accessible via fingerprint or separate password/code.

Known Issues and Fixes

Several bug fixes, including issues with long screenshots, Google Play services, and Bluetooth connectivity improvements.

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