The 7 Most Famous Race Horses Throughout History

Secretariat: Known as "Big Red," Secretariat clinched the Triple Crown in 1973 with record-breaking times, etching his name in racing history.

Man o' War: Dominant in the 1920s, Man o' War's legacy endures as one of the greatest Thoroughbreds, losing only one race.

Seabiscuit: A symbol of resilience during the Great Depression, Seabiscuit captivated the nation with his underdog story.

Phar Lap: Australia's beloved champion, Phar Lap overcame adversity to become a racing legend in the 1930s.

American Pharoah: Breaking a 37-year Triple Crown drought in 2015, American Pharoah captured hearts with his grace and power.

Citation: With 16 consecutive victories, Citation dominated the tracks in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Affirmed: Engaged in memorable duels with rival Alydar, Affirmed secured the Triple Crown in 1978.