The 8 Countries That Grow the Most Mangoes in the World


India stands out as the largest mango producer globally, accounting for over 50% of the world's mango supply annually.


China boasts significant mango cultivation, particularly in its southern regions, contributing significantly to global production.


Renowned for its delicious and fragrant mango varieties, Thailand is a key player in the global mango market, exporting its produce worldwide.


Indonesia's diverse geography allows for the cultivation of various mango cultivars across its vast archipelago, making it a notable mango-producing country.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a major mango producer, with the "Carabao" variety being a favorite among locals and exported globally.


Pakistan's mango industry is thriving, with the country's exports steadily increasing in recent years, contributing significantly to global mango production.


As the largest mango exporter to the United States, Mexico plays a vital role in supplying fresh mangoes to international markets year-round.


Brazil's mango industry is notable, with the "Tommy Atkins" variety being widely cultivated and exported to various countries.