"The Substance Review: Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley Shine in Bold Feminist Body-Horror Film"

Visionary Filmmaking: Coralie Fargeat delivers a feminist body-horror film with a unique and extreme style.

Plot Summary: Demi Moore plays Elisabeth, an aging actress who transforms into a younger self through a sinister body-enhancement program.

Dual Identity: Elisabeth and her youthful alter ego, Sue (Margaret Qualley), trade places weekly, exploring themes of cosmetic enhancement and identity.

Visual Style: The film features super-close-ups and minimal dialogue, blending grindhouse aesthetics with a cartoonish Kubrick flair.

Feminist Themes: Fargeat's film critiques the culture of cosmetic enhancement and the way women are ruled by images.

Powerful Performances: Demi Moore delivers a fearless performance, while Margaret Qualley brings mystery and magnetism to her role.

Cinematic Influences: The film draws inspiration from "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "Showgirls," and "The Shining," among others.

Dramatic Climax: The final act erupts into extreme body horror, culminating in a shocking New Year’s Eve special that must be seen to be believed.