These 6 Methods Will Prevent Rabbits from Chewing Up Your Beloved Garden

Fencing: Install a fence around your garden to keep rabbits out. The fence should be at least 2 feet high and buried at least 6 inches underground to prevent rabbits from burrowing under it.

Repellents: Use commercial repellents or homemade solutions to deter rabbits from entering your garden. These can include sprays made from garlic, pepper, or predator urine.

Plant Selection: Choose plants that are less appealing to rabbits. Plants with strong smells or prickly textures, such as lavender, marigolds, or roses, are less likely to be eaten.

Netting: Use netting to cover vulnerable plants and prevent rabbits from accessing them. Make sure the netting is secured tightly to the ground to prevent rabbits from squeezing underneath.

Remove Attractants: Keep your garden free of debris, such as fallen fruit or vegetables, which can attract rabbits. Trim grass and weeds to reduce hiding spots.

Scare Tactics: Use scare tactics, such as motion-activated sprinklers or noise-making devices, to frighten rabbits away from your garden.

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