Verstappen Wins Two Races in One Day at Imola

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Double Victory

Max Verstappen won the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix and a virtual endurance race on the same day.

Close Finish

Verstappen won the Grand Prix by just 0.725 seconds ahead of McLaren's Lando Norris.

Busy Schedule

Verstappen participated in the 24 Hours of Nuerburgring virtual race during the same weekend.

Gaming and Racing

Team boss Christian Horner stated that Verstappen's gaming did not affect his real-world performance.

Physical Toll

Verstappen mentioned that Imola's bumpy track caused him significant discomfort and back pain.

Season Dominance

Verstappen has won five of seven races this season, continuing his dominant performance.

Lando Norris' View

Norris, who competed virtually with Verstappen in the past, stated he focuses more on real-world racing.

Post-Race Plans

After the race, Verstappen looked forward to resting, taking painkillers, and getting a massage due to the physical strain from the track.

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