The World’s Most Endangered Whales

 North Atlantic Right Whale: Critically endangered with around 400 individuals due to historical whaling and current threats like ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement.

Southern Resident Killer Whale: Endangered with around 75 individuals, facing threats from pollution, reduced prey, and boat traffic disturbance.

Vaquita: Most endangered marine mammal with less than 10 individuals, primarily threatened by bycatch in illegal fishing nets.

North Pacific Right Whale: Endangered with less than 250 individuals, facing threats from historical whaling and fishing gear entanglement.

Western North Pacific Gray Whale: Critically endangered with around 200 individuals, threatened by habitat degradation and disturbance from industrial activities.

Bowhead Whale: Vulnerable due to past commercial whaling, with additional threats from climate change and sea ice loss.

Humpback Whale: Some populations are endangered, such as those in the Arabian Sea and off the west coast of Africa, due to historical whaling and other factors.

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